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Halloween, Yes it was 1.5 mos ago.

December 13, 2010 · 2 Comments · On the Web

Our awesome friend Rachel is a set costumer for Parks and Recreation (it will be back on after the New Year!) and invited us to their little Halloween shindig on set for kids.  Thanks goodness for Juliet!! It was awesome and looks just like it does on TV.  The murals throughout are hilarious.  The best part: we got to meet Rob Lowe and Amy Pollard and all of the other stars of the show! (Eeee! Can you say startruck!  So not LA cool).  Rob Lowe nibbled on Juliet’s toes.  She giggled as much as she could in that restrictive little costume.

After 25 minutes of trick or treating on set, they went back to taping.  I took Juliet outside to get some food and keep her noise out while Brett experienced the magic.  But let me tell you, A Hollywood back lot is no place for a baby: pokey stairs, heavy equipment, black asphalt and lots of grime.  But there was no containing her curiosity.  She HAD to get into everything.  So a milkshake and lots of filth later, I desperately stuck her into a tub of chains where she played contentedly for 30 minutes.

On the set of Parks & Recreation

On the set of Parks & Recreation

October 064


Year End

May 28, 2010 · No Comments · On the Web

The school year has sort of dragged on but the end is now near. This Memorial Day will be our first holiday in 5 weeks. May not sound like much to you office-working folk but when your with 175 teenagers daily, you need your breaks. I sometimes wonder how many kids realize how teachers anticipate summer as much as them.
Juliet is big. Big. I never thought I could produce something so fat. She is simply chunky. Check out our Flickr link to see more photos.


4 Months!

January 31, 2010 · 3 Comments · Outside the classroom

First off, I want to say that one of the reasons I rarely post is because I don’t know how to do something like this without being extremely personal and frank.  So this is my blanket apology for any post that makes you uncomfortable.

Everyone says they grow so fast, but it seems an eternity ago that I was childless, or pregnant, or in that delivery room.  Just put my baby girl down for the night.  What a privledge…to be able to hold her and play with her and just be with her.  Sometimes when I am done feeding her I prop her up on my lap and we just sit and snuggle for a few.  And sometimes when I’m walking around with her I just smother her little cheek with kisses and I can’t stop and she just lets me.  It’s all just so beautiful and precious.  Yes…it is boring sometimes.  But I will never forget when my dad was dying in the hospital (though I didn’t know it at the time) and I spent so much time there.  I was itching to get a job, being just out of college, but nothing was working out.  And when he died I realized how good it was that I didn’t work because it was just a short special last time I got to be with him. 

And now I have this beautiful little baby.  And sure…I could work and leave her with someone, but I don’t want to.  And not just for her, but for me too.  This is such a special and rare part of my life right now.  She won’t ever remember it…but I will.   It is like the scripture says, “ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”  So now is a slow, quiet, miraculous time that I am just enjoying for the short while it lasts.  Because whenever we have baby#2….

Thanks to my sugar daddy for bringing home the bacon so we can party all day.  I feel very lucky and blessed.